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Your Big Digital Agency Let You Down Again?

You've signed the big check and now you feel like they have dumped you in the broom closet with the older clients.
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Once Upon a Time...

A businessman told me:

"I’m tired of dealing with large agencies. I have to go through four employees to reach the one guy who does all the work. I'm paying big bucks and I feel like I'm doing all the work! I need someone I can talk to and trust that the work will be well done."

Maybe you feel the same.

You are spending big bucks on agencies with never-ending turnover. One week it’s Aaron, the next it’s Sharon. No one seems to care about your business. Why should they? It’s only a day job. And they have many other clients to milk deal with.

How do I know all this?

I’ve been a lead designer in a few advertising agencies myself. Until I figured I could do much better by caring for my own clients. I’m here to help you get out of this merry-go-round. I’ll listen to your needs and figure out how we can make your online business grow.

I’m David

When I’m not fooling around like a kid in my rolling chair, I like to build profitable online businesses.

I’ve got fifteen plus years of experience in the digital world, and have consulted on more websites than I can remember. I’ve built a few businesses of my own too: A growing e-commerce site, an elite e-commerce private group and the world's biggest poop bags brand.

I now live and work on the road full time with my little family. We’ve decided to experience the simple life.

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